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Wallace Cemetery – The Rest of the Story

I’ve written three columns about the same country graveyard: “Finding Walter Nutt,” “Whiskey, Guns, & Horses,” and “Wallace Cemetery – An Unsolved Murder.”   Walter Nutt was killed in a tragic accident on his wedding day January 1, 1919.  The other … Continue reading

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Wallace Cemetery – An Unsolved Murder

Wallace Cemetery is a small country graveyard which rarely has a visitor.  An old headstone marks the spot where the young victim of an unsolved murder is buried.  I learned about it on childhood visits there with my father and … Continue reading

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Whiskey, Guns, and Horses

I published a column in January of 2018 titled “In Search of Walter Nutt.”  That story evolved from a visit to Wallace Cemetery, an almost forgotten burial place of several families including my own.  While doing research for that story, … Continue reading

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Finding Walter Nutt

My brother, Jimmy, and I found Mr. Walter F. Nutt not long ago. Our discovery came unexpectedly on the morning of July 6, 2017. We were doing some long-overdue maintenance at Wallace Cemetery, a small and seldom visited place not … Continue reading

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