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A Story About Chickens

I don’t particularly care for chickens.  I appreciate their role in the food chain but find nothing endearing about their personality.  Our troubled relationship goes back to my first paying job of gathering eggs.  I was probably six or seven … Continue reading

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Perfect Posture

I admire people who have good posture, people who carry themselves erectly with no hint of slouching. For some folks it seems to come naturally. Others of us have to work at it. I’ve known a lot of people with … Continue reading

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Foster Rhodes – A Good Story

Larry Walker of Perry recently introduced me to a longtime friend of his, Mr. Foster Rhodes.  Foster’s name is already familiar well beyond his home area of Houston County.  Hundreds of thousands of people have visited or passed by the … Continue reading

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Keep Pedaling

A longtime friend of mine, Mike Chason, taught his grandson how to ride a bicycle in June of this year.  In July they took the training wheels off and practiced on an empty tennis court.  Brody found his confidence amid … Continue reading

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Salesmanship – Part II

In the spring of 1974 I was close to graduating from Valdosta State College and only six months away from a December wedding.  I figured it might be a good idea to get a job. The economy wasn’t great but … Continue reading

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Salesmanship – Part I

I’ve never been a very good salesman.  The evidence goes all the way back to childhood. At some point during my grammar school days I decided I wanted a guitar.  I couldn’t play but Chet Atkins made it look easy.  … Continue reading

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Whiskey, Guns, and Horses

I published a column in January of 2018 titled “In Search of Walter Nutt.”  That story evolved from a visit to Wallace Cemetery, an almost forgotten burial place of several families including my own.  While doing research for that story, … Continue reading

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