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The Warehouse

I was four years old, or maybe five, and was outside playing. Uncle Murray came by. Mama told him that Daddy was in Unadilla at Giles and Hodge Warehouse. Uncle Murray said he was heading that way. His pickup was … Continue reading

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There’s a Train Chasing Herschel Walker

A train track runs beside Herschel Walker’s childhood home near Wrightsville, Georgia. During the eighth grade, he got serious about getting in shape. Racing those nearby trains became a big part of his exercise routine. Wiley Kimbrough is the grandson … Continue reading

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The Cross and The Crow

It was the Sunday morning after Easter, April 23, 2017. I arrived at church around nine o’clock, parked in the back lot, then headed towards the sanctuary. Walking by our fellowship center, Providence Hall, I noticed some shingles that looked … Continue reading

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Miller Lawson’s Truck

I’m not sure what year Miller Lawson began helping my father on our family farm. I think it was in the early 1960’s. Daddy only had one employee at the time, Julius Bembry, a man of exceptional ability and character. … Continue reading

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