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Finding Walter Nutt

My brother, Jimmy, and I found Mr. Walter F. Nutt not long ago. Our discovery came unexpectedly on the morning of July 6, 2017. We were doing some long-overdue maintenance at Wallace Cemetery, a small and seldom visited place not … Continue reading

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A longtime friend, Mike Chason, texted me a picture of a sign back in October of 2017. The photo, taken on the roadside in Dillard, Georgia, read, “LEGS $2.” He sent it the same day that I published a column … Continue reading

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Ole Red

Ole Red just showed up in our yard one day. He was unexpected and uninvited, but looking as if he planned on staying a while. We already had two Cocker Spaniels that were longtime family members. Libby and Freckles were … Continue reading

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The Riddler

If someone mentioned The Riddler, many of us would immediately think of Batman’s wicked nemesis. I’m not sure if he’s still around, or what role he may play in Batman movies of today. In the television series of my childhood, … Continue reading

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