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A Little Cat Who Kept Trying

Harriet, a blue heeler who charmed her way into our hearts, made life miserable for an unnamed young feline I’ll call Persie. That’s short for perseverance, the defining trait of a little cat who kept trying. Persie’s story is not … Continue reading

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Memory Pills

D-L-R-O-W. In case no one has ever told you, that’s “world” spelled backwards. My mother began reciting that reverse sequence several years ago when she learned it’s commonly included in cognitive impairment tests. Now I’m practicing it too. Mama’s remarkable … Continue reading

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Seventy came much sooner than expected. It doesn’t seem that long ago a freckled-faced kid was pedaling his bike through sinking sand. When our country road was paved with gravel a good life got even better. Standing on the pedals … Continue reading

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After losing Dude, our beloved mongrel, we had no intentions of acquiring another dog, at least not for a while. A blue heeler, however, changed our plans. Harriet didn’t realize we weren’t in the market, just wagged her tail and … Continue reading

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