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Faith, Love, and Determination

Mrs. Betty Maples left Albany in 1966.  She had a station wagon full of children but not much else.  Tommy, her oldest, was 15.  Her youngest, Michael, had just turned two.  Rudy, Marcia, Ann, and Kirby were scattered between the … Continue reading

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The Cost of Salvation

The cost of salvation has been on my mind for a while now, and I’m having mixed emotions.  I’m not referring to the price that Jesus paid with his shed blood.  I’m talking about the dollars that are spent collectively … Continue reading

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One of our grandchildren, Megan, had a school assignment in April to make a toy from items that could be found around the house. She made a little truck that was pulled by a string. It reminded me of such … Continue reading

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Pumping Iron

I never dreamed I’d be able to lift 300 pounds, and certainly not of attaining such a feat as I’m approaching middle age.  On a family vacation to Tennessee many years ago, my father told me about some mountain curves … Continue reading

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