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The Cover of a Book

There’s an old saying to “Never judge a book by its cover.”  It’s sometimes hard for me to follow that sage advice, but it always comes to mind when I see John David Law. I was 15 when I first … Continue reading

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The North Pole’s Got Talent

Sandra Wiley invited me to be a guest speaker for some writing classes that she teaches at Fullington Academy.  Knowing that would look good on my resume, I gladly obliged.  The older students realized I was telling them more than … Continue reading

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A New Cotton Sack

During my early childhood the cotton on our farm, as well as that of our neighbors, was harvested by hand.  I picked a little cotton, but not enough to pretend that the hot work shaped my outlook on life.  It … Continue reading

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A Rocky Field

A long while back, maybe thirty years or more, I read an article in The Macon Telegraph that has stuck with me.  I don’t know how accurate my recollection is.  I would love to find someone who knows the details, … Continue reading

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I’ve been in on a few pranks during my lifetime.  Sometimes I was the prankster and at other times I’ve been the prankee.  I’ve generally enjoyed one role about as much as the other. Almost every community has a highly … Continue reading

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