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Keep Pedaling

A longtime friend of mine, Mike Chason, taught his grandson how to ride a bicycle in June of this year.  In July they took the training wheels off and practiced on an empty tennis court.  Brody found his confidence amid … Continue reading

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Salesmanship – Part II

In the spring of 1974 I was close to graduating from Valdosta State College and only six months away from a December wedding.  I figured it might be a good idea to get a job. The economy wasn’t great but … Continue reading

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Salesmanship – Part I

I’ve never been a very good salesman.  The evidence goes all the way back to childhood. At some point during my grammar school days I decided I wanted a guitar.  I couldn’t play but Chet Atkins made it look easy.  … Continue reading

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Whiskey, Guns, and Horses

I published a column in January of 2018 titled “In Search of Walter Nutt.”  That story evolved from a visit to Wallace Cemetery, an almost forgotten burial place of several families including my own.  While doing research for that story, … Continue reading

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