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Ruru – Part 2

Ruru left Dooly County with our granddaughter, Abby, and moved to Southwest Georgia. She got along fine with the three females in their household but attacked Clay at each opportunity. Ruru has a long history of doing things that are … Continue reading

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My mother’s chihuahua is ferocious for a tiny dog with only four teeth. She’s timid off the premises but at home Ruru rules the roost, a trait which suits her peculiar name. She’s fearless when my mother is nearby, which … Continue reading

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The Queen

My 95 year old mother recently spent 21 days in rehab due to a fractured sacrum. The discharge doctor was quite pleasant but his heavy accent left us guessing throughout the conversation. It took several attempts for me to understand … Continue reading

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Today’s Medicine – Part 2

An ancient tenet of medical practitioners is, “First do no harm.” Though widely embraced, it’s not always applied in today’s medicine. Surely such ethics should extend beyond healing and dictate a compassionate ending.    My brother, Jimmy, died around 7:15 pm … Continue reading

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