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Triplets – Coming Home

On January 23, 1979, we brought Erin and Carrie home for the second time.  Jane had stayed in the hospital room with them around the clock for 13 days.  She was exhausted but never complained.  At home she kept a … Continue reading

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Triplets – Names and Pneumonia

The young reporter asked if we had thought of any names. “Erin Margaret, Seth Neil, and Carrie Ellen,” I replied. Mama was shaking her head and talking to Daddy.  “I can’t believe he’s over there making up names to put … Continue reading

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Triplets – Special Delivery

A nurse informed us that the triplets would soon be arriving.  As our family hastened down the hallway toward the double doors marked “DELIVERY” out came our firstborn. “Boy or girl?” I blurted out. “Boy, but not your boy,” said … Continue reading

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Triplets – An Unspoken Question

As days passed, we grew more accustomed to our news.  I remained genuinely delighted that we were having triplets.  There was, however, something that concerned me, something that I did not feel I could or should discuss with Jane.  She … Continue reading

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