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The Crawdad Song

Simple songs are what I like best, the ones played with three chords or less and having lyrics that don’t need interpretation. An old tune that fits my preferences well is The Crawdad Song. Although its origins are uncertain, some … Continue reading

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A Picture of Faith

I’ve been thinking lately about some pictures related to faith which I’ve seen over the years. Some were framed and displayed on furniture or walls. Others were imprinted only on the canvas of my memory. Most are dated, but one … Continue reading

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Puppy Love

Several decades ago, one of my hobbies was songwriting. My small collection is aptly titled “Songs You Won’t Hear on the Radio.” Most had a country flavor with a touch of humor, the kind of novelty recordings which Ray Stevens, … Continue reading

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Daylight Savings Time

Governor Brian Kemp signed legislation in April to make Daylight Savings Time permanent in Georgia. Federal action, however, is now required for implementation. One of my regular readers suggested I encourage our elected officials in Washington, D.C. to get busy … Continue reading

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