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Triplets – The First Year

Erin, Seth, and Carrie were born December 22, 1978.  Jane had received a One Year Diary at a baby shower and passed it on to me.  She was quite certain she would not have time for writing.  Its gilded pages … Continue reading

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Christmas Traditions

I teach a men’s Sunday School class twice a month.  On the fourth Sunday in December of 2018 our literature posed the following question: “What decorations or traditions help you keep the focus of Christmas on Christ?” Answering that question … Continue reading

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Byromville Woman’s Club

When I arrived at the Maggie L. Page Memorial Clubhouse in mid-November, I was the only one driving a pickup truck.  That wasn’t surprising since I was there to attend a meeting of the Byromville Woman’s Club, a still vibrant … Continue reading

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Tubby The Talking Pig

My friend Cletus suggested I write a column about a talking pig he owned during childhood.  I told him I was a tad skeptical, that I had never heard a pig talk except for Arnold on Green Acres.  Even with … Continue reading

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