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A Column About Cats

Dogs have been featured in several columns, so it’s not surprising a few readers noticed cats have been ignored. I’ll try to rectify that to some extent today but should disclose a substantial bias. I believe, without any reservation, dogs … Continue reading

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Advantages of Imperfection – Part 2

Although last week’s column was written shortly after Christmas, I somehow overlooked a seasonal character who is a shining example of imperfection. I left off Rudolph. Flying reindeer are easy to love, especially one with such an unlikely success story. … Continue reading

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Advantages of Imperfection

Last week’s column was about the futility of seeking perfection with too much intensity. This week we’re going in the opposite direction and exploring some advantageous aspects of imperfection. I’m not suggesting we celebrate our shortcomings, but there are lessons … Continue reading

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In Search of Perfection

Not long before Christmas, a close friend sent me a column by Patricia Holbrook. Although I wasn’t familiar with the author, the topic caught my attention and her fine writing kept it. She described herself as a recovering perfectionist, a … Continue reading

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