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Snow Springs

Snow United Methodist Church is a short drive west of Unadilla on Highway 230.  I was there in November of 2017 for the funeral of a long-time friend, Charles Jones.  Charles and I were in the Unadilla F.F.A. String Band … Continue reading

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Another Boss Hog

Boss Hogg was the scheming but lovable political kingpin on The Dukes of Hazzard television series.  Bo and Luke Duke repeatedly foiled his poorly conceived and sometimes illegal plans. Unadilla has its own version of Boss Hogg.  But the nickname … Continue reading

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Reverend A. B. Hosea

Reverend Arthur B. Hosea was a remarkable man in my youthful eyes.  I was around 10 years old when he became our interim pastor at Harmony Baptist Church.  He had served as pastor of First Baptist Church of Unadilla for … Continue reading

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Lunchroom Lovers

This is a fictional story about true love.  Or maybe it’s a true story about a fictional love.  If it happened, it was before I met my future wife.  She says either way is okay, so just take your pick. … Continue reading

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