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Another Empty Pew

We have more empty pews at church than we used to.  It didn’t happen suddenly or under the leadership of any one pastor or group of leaders.  It’s been a gradual thing over several decades. My wife and I joined … Continue reading

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A Story About Chickens

I don’t particularly care for chickens.  I appreciate their role in the food chain but find nothing endearing about their personality.  Our troubled relationship goes back to my first paying job of gathering eggs.  I was probably six or seven … Continue reading

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Perfect Posture

I admire people who have good posture, people who carry themselves erectly with no hint of slouching. For some folks it seems to come naturally. Others of us have to work at it. I’ve known a lot of people with … Continue reading

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Foster Rhodes – A Good Story

Larry Walker of Perry recently introduced me to a longtime friend of his, Mr. Foster Rhodes.  Foster’s name is already familiar well beyond his home area of Houston County.  Hundreds of thousands of people have visited or passed by the … Continue reading

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