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A Cow Named Star

Daddy preferred row cropping to livestock. In my earliest childhood memories, our small cattle herd consisted of maybe 25 brood cows. We had one very muscular Black Angus bull. It seems he would have been quite happy, but he never … Continue reading

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Cold Water Baptists

I’m not sure how many cold-water Baptists are still around. Elizabeth Dunaway, Mary Joyce Dunaway, and my mother, Margaret Joiner, are in the most senior group. They were baptized in childhood at Mock Springs, each of them having made professions … Continue reading

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Steve The Tool Salesman

I don’t know exactly when Steve called. I think it was about 30 years ago. Jane and I were living on DeLiesseline Drive in Vienna, raising triplets. It was before caller ID. Sales calls always came right at suppertime. Most … Continue reading

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Sis Pearlie’s Marching Band

It was a summer day in 1957. I was five. My playmate, Sis Pearlie, was about 65. There wasn’t a record of Pearlie’s date of birth. Grandmama Hill said they could share hers, April 1, 1892. Pearlie Mae Frederick was … Continue reading

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Remembering Henry

I’ve been to a lot of funerals, way more than most folks my age. For five years I worked for my cousin, Rooney Bowen. He owned the Chevrolet dealership and the funeral home in Vienna. Cars and caskets were our … Continue reading

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