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Three Station TV

Sometimes I think we were better off when there were only three television channels to choose from. It’s possible, though, I’ve been seduced by the sirens of bygone days. Nostalgia has a way of enhancing old memories. Like southern tea, … Continue reading

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Throwing Rocks

“I threw a rock into the air, tossed with very little care. It hit a limb I did not see, conked my wife who then conked me.” If you think that’s bad poetry, you should have seen the original version. … Continue reading

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The Road to Auburn

“How far is it to Auburn?” I asked my friend Cletus. “That’s hard to say,” he replied. “Depends on where you leave from.” Jane and I were heading to Alabama the next day, so I asked Cletus about the trip, … Continue reading

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Practical Thinking

My father was a devotee of practical thinking, a man not easily swayed by societal norms of convention or tradition. One area where that was evident was his approach toward buying gifts. He didn’t buy dresses for my mother, which … Continue reading

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Fashion, admittedly, is not my forte. My father wore khaki pants six days a week and dress pants on Sunday. That’s akin to the path I’ve generally followed through life, simple and practical. I clearly lack any credentials that would … Continue reading

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