Following The Rooster

Doster Fitzgerald is taking a break from his weekly column to focus on writing a couple of books.   The Rooster has been a friend ever since we took a Dale Carnegie course together over 30 years ago. He graduated with honors. I got a certificate of attendance.

I never mastered the techniques they taught for remembering names. I found out it’s easier to just call the guys Bubba, Slick, Chief, or Doc. For the ladies, I usually just say Ma’am. I have some longtime friends and family that I don’t know their real names. Maybe I’ll take that Carnegie course again one day. It’s probably too late to ask for a refund.

At the end of 2015, I retired from banking. The first 33 years were with Bank of Dooly. The last two were with South Georgia Banking Company which acquired Bank of Dooly. Before that, I worked five years with my cousin, Rooney Bowen. He owned the Chevrolet dealership in Vienna, plus the funeral home that was next door. I have sometimes been introduced as a recovering car salesman.  Rehab efforts continue and have been partially successful.

I’m not sure what direction this column will take. We’ll just see which way the wind is blowing and try to follow it. We may even pull our caps down a little tighter and walk straight into it. There are times it feels good to have the wind at our backs, times it feels good blowing in our faces. We’ll give them both a chance.

When I retired from banking, I began painting our home. That experience was so thrilling that I wrote a book about it, Lessons from The Ladder. It’s about ladder safety and painting, with some correlations to life that I call Paint Can Theology. I plan to write a few columns based on the book.

Lessons of other varieties may be an ongoing theme, such as Lessons from The Lenders. I was known as the banker who couldn’t say, “no”. I turned down a couple of loan requests, but that was over a 35-year period. When I announced my retirement, the bank examiners threw a party.

Perhaps I’ll write a column on Lessons from The Bladder. Dr. Lyons has taught me more about urology than I wanted to know. I found out that a digital exam has nothing to do with mathematics. Boy was that a shocker. My friend and managing editor, Angela Barentine, may not let me run that column.  She already nixed the idea of using Tom Selleck’s picture for my photo.

I’ll work toward a column that is entertaining enough to keep you awake, but we’ll delve into some serious issues at times. If you are not sure which category a column falls in, then send me a short email. Sometimes I’m not certain whether I’m serious or if I’m kidding. My wife, Jane, usually knows, so we can always ask her.

I sure hope you’ll come back next week.


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5 Responses to Following The Rooster

  1. Stacey says:

    Dear Mr. Neil,

    What a thrill to see your writings when Carrie shared on social media. Plenty of life lessons you imparted to my teenage mind “back in the day” stuck and are still thought of often so I can hardly wait to read each one of your writings!

    Hugs to you and Mrs.Jane always,
    Stacey Cason Wall


  2. Don Giles says:

    The blog looks good.


  3. Dixie Ransom says:

    I just found your blog on Facebook and “binged” read all of them. I enjoyed them very much. Can’t wait for the next.


  4. George Bailey says:

    A good friend directed me to your blog and I have certainly enjoyed reading your articles. Even went overboard and ordered your books. Keep up the good writing.


  5. George Bailey says:

    Neil, just finished reading your books and they are very good. Keep up the good work.


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